A one-to-one (1:1) service provided at home or in an educational setting. It can be used effectively as a resource for building reciprocal responses with individuals who have significant communication, interaction and sensory processing differences.

What is Tacpac®?

A resource used to promote meaningful communication between two people through touch and music. Tacpac® can help with sensory integration and extreme sensory dysregulation, supporting them to regulate their senses. Research has found links between music and emotions, such as the Sync Project (Ahtisaari, 2018), and how music based therapies can have a positive impact on communication for those with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities (PMLD), such as Thompson & McFerran (2014).

In Tacpac® there is a ‘giver’ and ‘receiver’ in a partnership that involves turn-taking as a way to communicate. A key aspect of Tacpac® is aligning the touch of the object to the beat of the music, an integral aspect of building a safe and positive relationship, allowing communication to happen spontaneously. Repetition and predictability are created through the actions and music, with the giver supporting the receiver’s sensory alignment, whilst observing and receiving their partners responsiveness. Music has been carefully composed to match the texture of the object. The receiver becomes the giver through their actions and intent, which might be shown through Pre-intentional (reactive), Intentional (pro-active), Pre-symbolic (non-conventional), and Pre-symbolic (conventional) Communication.  

Parents/carers/guardians: Tacpac® can be used to support children and young people with differences in communication and interaction, where there is little, or no, use of verbal communication. It can be beneficial for children and young people to experience periods of positive sensory alignment, whilst building moments of reciprocal interaction and communication.

Educational settings: (This service is most likely to be used in Specialist Schools, Settings or Adult Care Service) Tacpac® can be used as a resource when supporting individual pupils, as part of their sensory and communication curriculum, in line with outcomes outlined in Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs). It can benefit students with PMLD, differences in communication, such as having minimal verbal language, as well as those who experience sensory dysregulation.

Tacpac® training is not part of this service and this information is available via their website.