Schools and Educational Settings

Independent Autism Advice Limited provides a range of services tailored to your needs:

Bespoke training packages and workshops, to develop a comprehensive understanding of autism, providing practical solutions and strategies, based on professional experience and evidence-based approaches and interventions;

Observational visits for children/young people, with recommendations and a visit report;

Assessment of a child/young person’s communication and interaction needs, including aspects of Executive Functioning, such as through standardised assessments for processing and memory skills. Cognition and learning may also be assessed, such as through the latest Raven’s 2 Progressive Matrices;

Identifying possible sensory processing differences, providing practical guidance and recommendations;

Providing comprehensive reports, guidance and recommendations that might be used as part of the ‘assess, plan, do, review’ cycle, and/or providing evidence and advice towards an Education, Health Care Plan (EHCP);

Bespoke packages supporting transitions between educational settings, such as Nursery to Reception, Primary to Secondary, Secondary to FE (Further Education), through pre/post-transition observations, training or workshops and follow-up visits;

Group and individual work for autistic children and young people. This could focus on building a positive understanding of autism, exploring feelings, or developing an understanding of relationships where they may be vulnerable;

Building positive solutions for those experiencing difficulties in supporting and adapting the environment to meet the needs of an autistic child or young person, who might be communicating, or expressing their distress, frustration or needs, through their actions. This could include a sensory audit, developing an action plan, pupil profiles, modelling strategies and developing a resource pack or individual toolkit.